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Whoa, social life ahoy. I normally blog on weekends, but the past few weeks I've been out of the house before noon and back after midnight all weekend, meeting people, going for lunches and bbq's, and seeing the sights with new friends. I'm only free today because a planned reading group meeting has fallen through. So while I have an hour free, here's a quick review of Studio Ghibli's latest film, which I had the good luck to see in Tokyo last week.

Ghibli's Arrietty )
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Well, it's back to Winnipeg and back to work with me. The temperature with windchill when I got up this morning was -39, and that's not even a really cold day. (The really cold days come with a five-minute frostbite warning.) Times like this, all you can do is curl up with a blanket and a long book -or at least write a review of one. So here are some thoughts on Tom Lamarre's The Anime Machine.

Now available in Exploded Projection )
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So the spy-bots at Amazon that track my every purchase have sent me a message. They want me to know that Thomas Lamarre has a new book coming out on October 16th, called The Anime Machine: A Media Theory of Animation. Thanks, spy-bots! You know me so well. Too well...

Seriously, though, I'm excited to read this book. Along with anime, I'm also a bit of a philosophy/lit theory geek, and Lamarre knows his theory. So today, instead of posting an anime review, I'll post some notes I took on one of his articles, "Otaku Movement" (2006), as a primer to the book. If this kind of stuff interests you, you might want to get the book -or get a library to order it, it costs many dollars. Would Lamarre endorse scanning and uploading it as a form of theory-otaku labour, I wonder? ^_^

Book is here (Canadian link)

Notes are under ye cut )


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