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It was my goal this term to post things I've been teaching in my Animation class, as a way of getting back into writing about anime. But now I find it's the works I put on the syllabus that are just slightly out of my range that excite me most. I feel like I'm kind of phoning it in on anime, honestly, since I know the material I'm teaching so well already. But when it comes to things I haven't touched for a while, like the avant-garde stop-motion short films of the Brothers Quay...well, it's fascinating!

To get the class talking about stop-motion, I had them read an article by Suzanne Buchan called "Animation Spectatorship: The Quay Brothers' Animated Worlds" (which conveniently enough you can access in the online journal EnterText). Buchan's aim is to describe how we can experience animation as a world, a haptic, embodied place, in which we "allow ourselves that most pleasurable experience of being moved, intellectually, affectively and emotionally, by what unfolds on screen" (98). It reminded me of my first startling emotional reaction to the Quay's films back in 2009 or '10. I wasn't able to fully articulate it in class, but I will post here some notes I wrote then about being moved by stop-motion.

The Quays' Uncanny World )
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Belated happy holidays! I've been home in Nova Scotia for the month, doing family things, seeing old friends, and meeting new folks, like comic artist [ profile] beatonna! She drew me a Louis Riel and a li'l Poe. I'm a happy fangirl! ^^ So yes, it's been an excellent break.

Christmas times is movie times in my family, and I made good this season, catching up on non-anime dvd rentals and getting to four of the five films I meant to see in theatre. (I've only missed Sherlock Holmes so far.) Instead of posting a ton of long reviews, I thought I'd work on my brevity and do a Four-Point Four-Film Round-Up. So here's the What, the Who, and the Pros and Cons of some of the last theatrical features of 2009. Still time to see them, folks! And here's why you should (or shouldn't).

The Fantastic Mr. Fox )

The Princess and the Frog )

Avatar )

The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus )

Coming up in 2010: thoughts on my newfound love of 9 (the cg animation, not the musical) and a review of Tom Lamarre's new book, The Anime Machine. So much to say, so little time!


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