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Aug. 8th, 2011 09:53 am
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Hey, now that there's no chance of compromising my rl identity (because I did it myself) I can post this link freely.

Here you can read or download my PhD thesis, "Animating Transcultural Communities: Animation Fandom in North America and East Asia from 1906-2010." The language and references are pretty academical, but I hope that anyone who likes animation and wants to know more about its history and current fandom might find it interesting. It's committee-approved and chock-full of animated goodness!

I'll post the abstract under a cut as well.

Thesis Abstraction )
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I did it! Well, kind of. I was determined to finish my final thesis section on Internet animation and fandom in November. It took a couple of extra days in December, but the whole thing is now roughed out. 86 pages, 24,687 words. Not a lot compared to a 50,000 word novel, but academic writing takes me about four times as long as fiction writing, and this has to be good enough to show my advisor.

So officially I'm done and should move on to the conclusion. But in my brain, I still have about a million and a half doubts about what I wrote and even about the very practices of thesis writing.

I worry: where do I get the right to "represent" female fans, who are not all positioned the same way I am? I wonder: how personal can my writing be, and how much must I cover my doubts and desires in order to sound at least respectable, if not authoritative? And just how racist is Axis Powers Hetalia, anyways? Because I'm worried that it's pretty racist sometimes even if it is satiric, and I can only hope that the wonderful, positive, self-aware fan appropriations I found justify (my continuing helpless love of) it.

Well, I'm obviously still all caught up in this thing right now. I'll post again when I have some actual contribution to make, like a review or maybe a link to an amusing lolcat. Til then!


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