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Woo, I'm back from Germany! It was a great trip. I had fun and got things done at the same time. One of the things I finally got around to, on my 7-hour trans-Atlantic flights there and back, was reading the new translation of Hiroki Azuma's influential book Otaku: Japan's Database Animals.

So without further ado, Here are my thoughts about it. )

Next week I'm going home to the Maritimes for a nice long Christmas break. One of the benefits of not being in classes any more! (Ok, I still have to write my thesis while I'm home...sigh...) I might update, or I might not. If not, see you in the new year! ^^
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Last spring I went to Tokyo, where I was supposed to attend a conference of the Society for Cinema and Media Studies. The conference was drastically cut down because of fears about swine flu (boo), but I had lots of extra time to ramble around Tokyo (yay!), and I appreciated what events the SCMS did have a lot. Still, one cut to the program I really regret now was a showing of Jin-Roh. I rented it when I got back to Canada, It would have been amazing on a big screen, and so interesting to talk about afterwards. I still want to talk about it. So here are my thoughts!

Beware of wolves and spoilers )


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